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How to connect printer to WiFi
Setup printer on wireless network
How to connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10
How to connect printer to Wi-Fi on mac
How to connect printer to Wi-Fi using USB
Frequently Ask Questions

How to connect printer to WiFi

Steps to connect printer to Wi-Fi or wireless router. Setting up a wireless printer, an error occurs. It does not get connected to the laptop. It is annoying sometimes as the user wants to print a document or image and the wireless printer is not working. 

wireless printer is not working

Then the user tries to connect the wireless printer to a Wi-Fi network., but it fails. The wireless printer is unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network also. Usually, a wireless printer should allow transferring a printed document to a device through the printer. Why is my computer not finding my wireless printer is a technical issue.

With the help of a wireless printer, the laptop can send files and documents wirelessly to the printer. No cables or wires are required for this. The file or document can be printed and sent from anywhere. But if you are away from the Wi-Fi connection, the user is unable to send documents or files through mail or printer.

Setup printer on wireless network

The steps are easy to understand and apply. Just you require a strong and stable network and basic knowledge of computers. Any printer to connect printer to Wi-Fi on computer enables wireless printing.

connect printer to wireless network

Wireless printing is a quick and convenient one. A wireless connection establishes between printer and computer. Ethernet or wifi connection enables connecting a printer to a computer. Sometimes a wireless printer is not able to connect to a laptop. There are several reasons for this. Some of them are listed below-

  • The printer is not working properly.
  • Settings of the printer are done improperly.
  • The Wi-Fi network connection is unstable, poor.
  • Wi-Fi router is not working properly.

How to connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10

connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10

  • Firstly to switch on the printer and visit the printers official website
  • Then to download and install the connect printer setup utility.
  • A license agreement will appear, accept it and click on the next option.
  • Then click on the install option.
  • When installation gets completed click on the finish option.
  • To choose your printer from the list and click on the next option and click on the printer registration option.
  • Click on the agree option to continue the registration process.
  • Then a message will appear of printer connect registration, click on the ok option.

documents wirelessly to the printer

  • Now, connect the printer to Wi-Fi.
  • Switch on the computer and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer.
  • Go to the windows button and click on the devices option.
  • Then select the printers and scanners option.

Printers and scanners option

  • Under the Printers and scanners option, click on add printer option.
  • Then, a list of printers available within the range of computers will appear and select your Epson printer name and model.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes as the printer is getting connected to your computer.
  • To check, print a page or document. 

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi on mac

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi on mac

The printer driver enables the connection of the printer to a device and update downloaded driver. It helps to avoid errors and problems. The printer driver is essential to install as it helps to establish communication with the connected device. These steps are easy and reliable to follow and apply. The correct printer driver should be installed. As printer drivers are enabled to print, scan, fax smoothly and efficiently through mac devices. Below are the steps provided for how to install the printer driver on mac device-

  • Click on the plus sign and click on add your printer option.
  • Then to visit the printer’s official website and click on the downloadable link of the printer driver.
  • Now, your printer driver will be downloaded and the file will be saved.
  • Double click on the file of the printer driver and install it and select the windows preferences and do a print test page.

The printer driver should be installed on your Mac device where printing and scanning files and documents have been saved, stored. Wireless printing can be done without any interruption and error. Many printer functionalities and features can be used after downloading and installing printer drivers.

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi using USB

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi using USB

  1. To check that printer is switched on and is connected to power plugs correctly.
  2. Check the ink cartridges of the printer if the ink is low or empty. 
  3. USB cable and other wires can be checked if they are working well and are connected properly.
  4. Restart the printer and see if it gets connected to the laptop.
  5. To check the laptop operating system and settings.
  6. Update the router firmware.
  7. Reinstall and install the printer drivers of the updated and latest version.
  8. To re-install the printer into the laptop.
  9. Firewall settings of the Wi-Fi network can be checked.
  10. Printer spooler settings can get resented. Spooler files can get removed and spooler services can get restarted.

As the wireless printer won’t connect printer to Wi-Fi, the error will get solved. Direct wireless printing, scanning can be done through the laptop. Try printing from other applications from the laptop and check if the printing is done from other applications. If yes, then there is a problem with the printer connection. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How to connect Android to printer Wi-Fi?
Ans: First, connect android to wireless connection. Next, go the setting and simply search for printing. Printing services shows turn on and add services. Once click on the add services your local printer will show up here. Click to add printer on mobile.

Q: How to connect iPhone to printer Wi-Fi?
Ans:Go to the setting and click on the Wi-Fi icon. And turn ON the Wi-Fi icon. iPhone will search for available network and click on the your local network. Therefore, add printer on iPhone. Open document and click to print. Hence, below see an option to select printer. Next, click on the select printer and Connect your local printer on iPhone.

Q: How to connect printer to new Wi-Fi?
Ans: Turn ON the new Wi-Fi and turn on the printer and desktop also. Now to the desktop search option and type for Wi-Fi. Let Computer search for available networks and click on your new Wi-Fi. Now new Wi-Fi will ask for password. Input the new Wi-Fi password and save for the future. Now add printer on the new Wi-Fi and print on wireless mode.

Q: How to connect printer to Wi-Fi router?
Ans: Make sure router is turn ON and ready to connect with printer and computer. Turn ON the wireless printer and computer. Check the Router cable is connected with the printer and desktop. Now to the desktop start button and search for printers. A printer and scanners form will open. Now add your local printer and setup printer.

Q: How do I connect my printer to Wi-Fi?
Ans: Go wireless printer screen and tap on the Wi-Fi icon. Printer touch screen start sync and search for local network. Click to local network and setup the wireless connection between printer and desktop. Thus, similar network must be enables or connected with the computer. Go to the computer start button and search for Wi-Fi setting in windows 10 and make sure computer connected with the same network. Therefore, Go to the printer setting on windows and “printers and scanners” >click to add local printer and establish wireless connection between printer and desktop.