How to connect printer to WiFi

Steps to connect printer to WiFi or wireless router. While, setting up wireless printer, an error occurs and do not connect to the laptop also. There is might be “software or hardware” behind the reason printer is not connecting to the wifi router.
wireless printer is not working

Why is my computer not finding my wireless printer might be a major issues. First, turn OFF the printer and check the wire USB connection between wifi router and printer. Now Turn ON the printer and click on the wifi icon on the printer menu. Printer lights blinks and search for avavailbe network. Keep the wifi password and SSID info while connecting printer to wifi.

Now click on your local wifi network and enter the passwords and SSID information if required and setup wireless connection between printer and wifi router. Next, connect printer to the computer with wired and wirelessly.

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How do I Setup my printer on wireless network

Before setting up a connection between printer and wifi make sure network have strong and sufficient data. Locate the wifi router within range signals of printer as per printer model specification.

connect printer to wireless network

Make sure wifi router is connected to the power supply and turn ON. Check the strength of network signals. Now turn On the Printer and follow the steps given below:

  • Turn ON the printer and wifi router.
  • Go to the printer control panel.
  • Click on the wifi button and press for few seconds.
  • Now, printers light start blinking and search for local printer.
  • Check the network list on printer screen and click on your network name.
  • Enter the wifi password and SSID number and connect printer to wifi.

How to connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10

connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10

When windows10 do not connect to wireless printer it indicates the faulty drivers issues. Further follow the steps given below and setup printer on windows 10.

  • Go tot he windows10 start button and type in search box “About the PC”.
  • Open the system setting and check the computer specification.
  • Now open the web browser and search for the official website of the printer.
  • Open the website and type your printer model in search box and click enter.
  • Select the printer drivers from the displaying list and download the printer.

documents wirelessly to the printer

  • Go to the downloads folder on windows 10 and unzip the software bundle on desktop.
  • Open the folder on desktop and click on the setup or .exe file.
  • Run the software installation on windows screen.

Printers and scanners option

  • Follow the screen and click “OK”.
  • Accept the “terms and conditions”.
  • Now reboot the computer and connect to the wifi.
  • Go to desktop windows icon and type “printers and scanners”.
  • Open the system setting and click on the “Add a printer or scanner”.
  • Windows 10 start the refresh and shows the avavailbe printer.
  • click to add your local printer on windows 10.

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi on mac

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi on mac

Want to setup printer on wifi with or without cable. In case of USB cable, Insert the one side into the port of the printer and another side on the port of mac computer. Now mac shows a installing notification on the screen. Now install printer manually. Further, follow the steps given below and connect printer to mac wireless.

  • Go to the mac setting and open “system and preferences”.
  • On right top corner type “printer”.
  • Click on the printers and windows open with the name of “printers and scanners”.
  • Next, click on the + plus icon below the box and printer search for local printers.
  • Click to add the local printer on your mac computer.

Therefore, you can install wireless printer on mac. Now check the printer “options and supplies” and print document.

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi using USB

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi using USB

Therefore, use the USB Cable for connecting printer and wifi. First, turn ON the printer and wifi router and maintain a limited distance. Now Insert side side cord of the USB cable into the printer sidebar in jet port. Another side of USB Cable insert into the wifi router given into the port. Next, printer connect to the wifi automatically.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How to connect Android to printer Wi-Fi?
Ans: First, connect android to wireless connection. Next, go the setting and simply search for printing. Printing services shows turn on and add services. Once click on the add services your local printer will show up here. Click to add printer on mobile.

Q: How to connect iPhone to printer Wi-Fi?
Ans: Go to the setting and click on the Wi-Fi icon. And turn ON the Wi-Fi icon. iPhone will search for available network and click on the your local network. Therefore, add printer on iPhone. Open document and click to print. Hence, below see an option to select printer. Next, click on the select printer and Connect your local printer on iPhone.

Q: How to connect printer to new Wi-Fi?
Ans: Turn ON the new Wi-Fi and turn on the printer and desktop also. Now to the desktop search option and type for Wi-Fi. Let Computer search for available networks and click on your new Wi-Fi. Now new Wi-Fi will ask for password. Input the new Wi-Fi password and save for the future. Now add printer on the new Wi-Fi and print on wireless mode.

Q: How to connect printer to Wi-Fi router?
Ans: Make sure router is turn ON and ready to connect with printer and computer. Turn ON the wireless printer and computer. Check the Router cable is connected with the printer and desktop. Now to the desktop start button and search for printers. A printer and scanners form will open. Now add your local printer and setup printer.

Q: How do I connect my printer to Wi-Fi?
Ans: Go wireless printer screen and tap on the Wi-Fi icon. Printer touch screen start sync and search for local network. Click to local network and setup the wireless connection between printer and desktop. Thus, similar network must be enables or connected with the computer. Go to the computer start button and search for Wi-Fi setting in windows 10 and make sure computer connected with the same network. Therefore, Go to the printer setting on windows and “printers and scanners” >click to add local printer and establish wireless connection between printer and desktop.