Setting up 123hp com setup 3830 on windows and mac computer with latest printer softwares and drivers. Latest software allow desktop to setup hp oficejet 3830 printer easily. Check your computer operating version and processor. Now go to the 123 hp com setup and search for oj3830 printer model. Click on the link that match with your printer requirement and download printer drivers.

123 hp com oj3830 setup

Therefore, Follow the steps in the article and setup oj3830 printer model. Make sure printer is connect with the power supply and using proper “Hardwares”.

How to do 3830 installation

A quick printer installation quide for 123hp com setup 3830. Wifi direct allows you to connect to windows and mac, and mobile to print on wireless network.

123 hp com setup 3830 installation

  • Turn on your computer and connect with wifi.
  • Select the windows settings option.
  • Under it, click on the device manager settings option.
  • Enter your printer name.
  • Click on the updates option.
  • Under it, select the printer driver updates option.

printer driver updates

  • The device manager will find, download and update printer drivers automatically.
  • In a few minutes, printer drivers will get updated.(if not). Then, re-install the hp printer drivers.
  • To apply the updates, restart your computer.

How to download 3830 driver

Therefore, download latest  driver for print document on wireless and wired network. Before, downloading the softwares check the desktop version. In windows 10 go the start button in the left-bottom bar and search for about my PC. Click on the system setting and see the windows specification. Further, follow the steps given below: setup 3830 driver

    • Visit the official website of 123 hp printers
    • Go to the support page.
    • Search for officejet 3830. click on the displaying result related to your computer version and download software.
    • Next, go tot desktop download files and right-click on the drivers file and Extract the file on desktop.

  • Open the extract file and click on the .exe file. Now windows ask for allow to install the driver. Follow the desktop screen and install hp printer on windows 10.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to 123 hp com setup 3830 windows driver updater?
Ans: Go to the and enter oj3830. Now check for the driver update if available. Downloads latest drivers and install on desktop.

Q: Steps to officejet 3830?
Ans: Setting oj3830 on windows and mac computer using, connect printer on wireless network.
Go to the printer menu and click on the wifi icon. Search for local wifi router and setup network on printer.

Q: How to setup the hp officejet 3830?
Ans: Setup officejet3830 on wireless network using cable. Insert the wifi cable WLAN one side in printer port another side in router. Similar process with desktop and router. Now go tot he desktop printer setting and add printer on computer.

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