Steps to install HP printer on windows 11 wired and wireless by following the technical guidelines. In case of USB cable, Connect printer and computer with the USB cable. Make sure printer and computer is connected with the WIFI router. Now, go to the Windows 11 search bar and type “printers and scanners”. In open windows click to Add the printer and select your local printer from the printers list.

Before adding HP printer to windows 11, make sure that

  • The printer is setup in the right way.
  • Wi-Fi network router is working well.
  • Printer is connected to computer properly.

Printer related issues:

How to Install HP Printer in windows 11

adding a hp printer to windows 11

  • Firstly, connect the printer and computer to wifi.
  • Open the “Printers and Scanners” windows on computer.
  • Next, click on your printer model and click on manage.
  • On left-side bar click on “Test a Print Page”.

How do I Install my HP Printer in windows 11

Steps to add HP Printer in windows 11

  • Connect printer and computer to the same wifi network.
  • Download the latest softwares as per printer model and computer version.
  • Install the software and go to the printer pages on desktop.
  • Add new or old printer from the printers list.

Tap on the HP printer model name

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to install HP Printer on windows11 with CD?
Ans: Turn ON printer and computer. First, connect printer and computer on the same wifi router with or without USB cable. Now, insert the CD into the CPU and let computer sync. Open the cd-drive and install the printer software on the windows 11.
Q: How do I setup and install HP Printer on windows 11?
Ans: Setting up a printer on windows 11 with USB cable or without is possible. First, connect desktop and printer model with the wireless wifi router. Now go to the desktop start Button and Open printers windows. Clikc to add new printer if your printer is not listed in the printers list.

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