How do I Install or Add my Samsung printer on windows 11. In that case, install printer on windows 11 see the system configuration, specification, and version. Samsung printer Drivers are required to download and installed on your desktop. Next, unzip the software file and click on the .exe file to install the drivers. Windows 11 automatically connect to the wifi after installation if not then connect Samsung printer to WiFi  for more.

How to install Samsung Printer on Windows 11

When can not install printer on windows 11 then follow the given steps to fix the printer setup issues. Make sure printer is wireless and desktop have updated software’s related to the printer model configuration. Further, follow the steps given below and fix the issues.

  • Firstly, go to the settings option and search for Bluetooth and devices.
  • Choose to add a device option and select “printers and scanners”.
  • A list of printers will get displayed and select your printer model.
  • Click to add printer on computer

Steps To Download And Install Printer Drivers on windows 11

To download and install Samsung printer drivers manually, below provided steps are required to follow

  • Firstly, to visit the Samsung printer’s official website.
  • Click on the link provided for downloading printer drivers.
  • Select the accurate version of the printer driver for windows
  • The file will be on your computer download folder.
  • Click on the file and install printer drivers.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Steps to install Samsung printer on windows?
Ans: Make sure computer and printer have the right version of softwares. Go to the desktop start button and type printer to open the printers list. Click on the add printer and search for your local printer and click to add printer.
Q: How to setup and install Samsung printer on computer?
Ans: If you do not have printer drivers CD, download latest drivers form the website and install software as per computer version. Now connect printer to the wireless network and install the printer on computer.