Bought a new printer but how to Brother hl-l2370dw WiFi setup on computer using a USB cable Printers. Before you can print anything with your printer, you must first connect it to your computer and install. The most common way to do this is with a USB cable. If you don’t know how to do this, this guide is for you: How to setup brother printer on any Windows computer using a USB connection.

Install printer using computer and the operating system options for adding printers. Add a local printer using manual settings and how to setup brother hl-2370dw local printer using the software and drivers (read the last section of the tutorial for this). By local printer, any type of printer that you connect directly to your computer via USB cable. If you have a wireless printer, install a wireless brother printer on your Wi-Fi network.

How to setup my brother hl-l2370dw printer

Connect your local printer to your PC using a USB cable and a free USB port, then turn it on. In computer, adding a local printer often means simply connecting the printer to a USB port on your PC and then turning on the printer.  Windows 10 detects it correctly and finds the right drivers for it. You should see a message in the lower right corner of the screen confirming this. As soon as Windows 10 finishes installing the printer, it tells you that the device is ready and that the printer is set up and ready to use. So now you can start using it.

Steps to set up Brother printer on wifi hl-l2370dw

If your local printer is not installed, follow these steps. Add a local printer to computer using standard operating system features. To check and see if the printer is installed correctly or to install a local printer manually, open the Settings application. A quick way to do this is to tap the Settings icon in the Start Menu or simultaneously press the Windows + I keys.

In the Settings app, open the Devices section. You may notice that the description says “Bluetooth, printers, mouse”. The part that interests us is the printers. Then select “Printers and Scanners” on the left side of the window to access the section with the same name on the right. There you see printers that are already installed by Windows 10. Some of them are virtual printers, such as PDF converters, or screen capture applications such as Snagit.

The printer you connected to your computer has already been installed on computer, or the printer you connected was not installed. If you are in the first situation, then you are done: go ahead and you can start using your printer. If you are in the second situation, you do not see the printer displayed in the list. Turn it on and then press the “Add a printer or scanner” button.

Computer starts searching for printers and scanners and displays everything in a list below. If it finds your local printer, the computer should try to install its drivers automatically. You can follow the installation process in the progress bar displayed under its name. When finished, the progress bar disappears. Then you can see in the list of printers and scanners that the local printer has been added to your PC.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to setup brother hl-l2370dw wifi on mac?
Ans: setup your brother hl-2370 printer on mac computer using local wifi router by downloading or updating the printer latest drivers as per MacBook specifications.

Q: How to setup brother hl l2370dw printer to windows 10?
Ans: Make sure windows 10 have right version of software. Next, go to the “printers & scanners” and printers screen. Further, click on the “Add printer”. Let windows 10 search for available printer.