On the router Brother printer wifi setup must be connected for printing. Make sure the printer is connected to the desktop and power supply. Keep in mind your local Network Name, Username and password (SSID). SSID is mentioned on the router backside itself. Now go to the desktop properties and check the computer specification.

router ssid information

  • Make sure that the printer is compatible with the wifi network connection.
  • Printer drivers are updated as per desktop specification.
  • Connect the Brother machine to the power supply and turn ON.
  • Go to the printer control panel and click on the WiFi icon.

Steps to setup Brother wireless printer

  • Machine synchronize for the local available network.
  • Tap on your Local Network and Enter username and Password.

Steps to setup Brother wireless printer

When setting up a Brother printer wifi setup and printer software are outdated. If you do not have a CD then download the Driver & Software package from the official website. Before, Downloading software make sure to keep the printer model name and desktop configuration in mind. Must check how to Install  Printer on Mac and print wirelessly.

  • Firstly, to turn on the printer and connect it to the power cord and wires.
  • Then, press the control panel button and Tap on the Settings option.
  • Under it, click on the network option and select the WLAN option.
  • Enable the WLAN and click on the setup wizard option.
  • A list of available internet network connections will get displayed.
  • Now, select your internet network name and enter a password.
  • In a few seconds, the brother printer will get connected to an internet network connection.

How to Connect Brother printer to wifi without Cable

Connecting the brother printer to wifi through printer drivers. Follow the steps and Brother printer wifi setup easily on wireless network. In that case, Brother printer IP address is required when the printer connects to a wireless router. How to setup wifi printing on Brother printer steps is given below.

How to Connect Brother printer to wifi without Cable

  • Firstly, insert the cd into your computer and install the printer drivers on your computer.
  • Select the preferred languages and a window will appear to confirm the installation of printer drivers.

nstallation of brother printer drivers

  • Click on confirm option and select the wireless network to add a printer to your computer.
  • In a few minutes, my brother’s printer will be added to the computer.
  • Now, click on the Settings option and Enable the internet connection.
  • A list of available connections will get displayed.
  • Select your network connection and enter a password and printer will get connected to an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect Brother printer to laptop?
Ans: Turn ON your printer and Laptop. Next, Insert the USB cable port in the printer and another printer in the Laptop. Now, Go to the “Devices and Printer” on computer properties
and click to add your printer.

Q: Steps to connect Brother printer to wifi without cable?
Ans: Turn ON your printer model and press the wifi icon on the printer control panel. Printer lights blink or search for available network and tap on your local printer and enter
passwords to connect on printer without cable.