How to Canon mg2920 wireless setup on a computer. Make sure the printer has “Hardwares” Backup and place it over the table at a limited distance from the computer and router. Therefore, Install a printer and connect it to WIFI by following technical steps given below.

connect canon mg2922 printer to wifi
Connect canon mg3600 printer to WiFi


  • Now connect with the wifi router using USB cable (If wireless printer then connect printer in wireless mode).
  • Another, Connect a computer with a similar wireless router and go to the computer printer setting and set up the wireless printer on the desktop.

What to do when canon mg2920 not connecting to Wi-Fi

canon mg2920 not connecting to wifi

Turn ON your printer and once your printer is connected to your local network. Your printer is ready to be installed on your Wifi compatible devices. You can now go to the “Add Printer” step for Windows 10 or Mac. To connect your printer to wifi, you can follow the corresponding part of the tutorial by clicking below. If you only want to use your wired printer, or if your printer does not work in wifi, use the supplied cable or purchase one, the required cable is USB A to USB B.

Steps to setup canon mg2920 wireless printer on windows

canon mg2920 wireless setup windows

Once there, go to “Printers and Scanners”, the second choice from the menu on the left. Click “Add Printer or Scanner”. Windows 10 then searches for your multifunction printer, this may take some time, if it does not appear after 3 minutes, restart the computer and restart, make sure the printer is connected to Wifi or USB cable. Once your printer is displayed, click on it and then on the “Add Device” button. A blue progress bar appears, once you’re done, you’re done. Again if it doesn’t work out after a few minutes, restart and start over. Check the “Let Windows manage my default printer” option. This will allow you to use the last printer you used as a priority. In other words, you don’t need to select which printer to use each time.

How to setup canon mg2920 wireless on MacBook computer

canon mg2920 wireless setup mac

What to do when printer do not print or communicate with mac. In that case, Go to the mac softwares updates and update the printer drivers if required. In mac, if printer require updation just click on the update button and printer will automatically updates the softwares if mac connected to the internet. Now go to the mac system and preferences in printer setting. Scroll the little screens and click on the minus(-), and plus (+) icon. Mac search for available printer and click to add the printer.

connect your Canon mg2920 wireless on mobile

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to setup my canon mg2920 wireless printer on android?
Ans: First, your printer must be compatible with the mobile specification. Now go tot he official website of the printer and download the app for mobile. Next, printer must be power ON and connected with the internet. Now, open the app in mobile and connect your mobile with wifi. In app search for local network and connect to printer on mobile.

Q: Steps to setup canon mg2920 wireless on iPhone?
Ans: Printer and mobile connect with the similar Wi-Fi router and open the iPhone and now go tot he setting of iPhone. Scroll to the printer and scanners option and tap to open the screen on mobile. Now click on the add printer and devices. iPhone search for local networks and click to add printer on iPhone.