What to do when canon ts6120 printer shows offline message. Whether it’s wired or Wi-Fi, it’s very common to find printers that don’t work, that make offline errors and can’t communicate with your computer to print. Printer problems are caused by all sorts of factors, from error windows to a driver error. As soon as you install canon printer on Windows, it usually does not cause any problems. But as time goes on, things change. When the printer fails and doesn’t allow us to print, because an error code. The most common is to turn the printer off and on, reset the settings, reconnect it to Wi-Fi, and even connect it to your PC to install the drivers from scratch. Fortunately, some mistakes can be made easily as an offline printer.

How to turn canon ts6120 printer offline to online

When Windows tells printer is offline, an error occurred while trying to communicate with it, making it impossible to print. This could happen during startup, during a driver update, or for many other reasons.

When this happens, solve problems in several different ways. The first thing to try is to restart the printer to rule out the fault that it has been blocked. If the printer is not yet connected to the computer, the next step is to troubleshoot the printer. Windows comes with a large number of tools designed to fix all sorts of operating system issues. And, of course, Microsoft has not forgotten about printers.

In the Setup menu> Update and Security> Troubleshooting we can find a section to resolve printer issues.

Run troubleshooting and follow it to the end so that Windows can analyze all the parameters related to printer connectivity and apply the necessary measures and corrections.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Steps to fix canon ts6120 printer offline problem?
Ans: Next step will be to check that the printer driver is up to date. If not, install it manually by downloading the latest version (for compatibility issues) from the manufacturer’s website. If the driver is installed, all to do is update it. Updating your computer with Windows Update can help, because in addition to fixing errors in your operating system, it will also be responsible for downloading the latest driver versions and turn the printer online.

Q: How do I fix my canon ts6120 printer offline
Ans: Set up Windows to force the use of offline printers. This configuration may seem a little strange, but sometimes it works. It’s not a solution, but hurrying can help to deal with printer offline problems. To do this, go to the Settings> Devices> Printers and Scanners menu and open the printer’s print queue.