When new printer or replace from one place to another and failed to connect canon mg3600 printer to wifi. The canon printer mg3600 model has various Wi-Fi connectivity features. Make sure computer have updates version of printer drivers and connected with the similar wifi router. Therefore, it is quite easy to connect canon printer to wifi with wire-free features.

Turn ON the printer and Desktop. Use the USB cable and connect printer with computer. Now click on the printer wifi button on printer control panel. Printer lights start blinking and search for local wireless network. Click on your wifi name and enter password and SSID information from the behind of router. Before setting up a printer on a WIFI network check the following things listed below.

  • Check printer is connected properly to the power plug and make sure the printer drivers and other software are installed and updated.
  • Next check the internet connection is unstable and poor.
  • Check the wifi router name and password entered are incorrect.
  • Now connect the both gadgets with the similar internet.

How do I connect my canon mg3600 printer to Wi-Fi

How do I connect my canon mg3600 printer to Wi-Fi

Make sure printer LAN is not cracked. Insert one side in the printer and another side in the router port.  Further, below are the reliable and easy steps listed to connect the canon mg3600 printer model to a Wi-Fi network.

connect canon mg3600 printer to wifi

  • Firstly, to switch on the printer and connect it to the power plug.
  • Click on the settings menu option and click on the device settings option.
  • Click on the LAN settings option and select the wireless LAN settings option.
  • Now, the printer will start searching for the wireless networks available within its range.
  • After a few minutes, the printer will get connected to a wifi network automatically.

In case of windows 10 and windows 11 printer drivers are easy to update. Go to the desktop start button and search for softwares. Click on the check for updates if any software is not updated click to update. Up-to-date drivers helps computer to connect with the printer mg3620 easily.

How do I connect my canon mg3600 printer to new Wi-Fi router

First, make a note on printer model name (mentioned on the printer), WiFi Passwords, SSID, and IP Address also.  Now turn ON the printer and click on the printer wifi icon on the printer menu. Now click on the new wifi router and enter the details asked on printer screen.
How do i connect my canon mg3600 printer to a new Wi-Fi router

Printer can be connect to wifi through the WPS push button. The button is present on the printer and enables the printer to connect to wifi network within  few minutes. Once printer connected to the new wifi then setup printer on computer using USB cable and wireless.

connected to wifi through the WPS push button

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect canon mg3600 printer to wifi without wps?
Ans: Turn ON printer and desktop. Now connect printer and computer with USB cable. When you insert the usb cable into the desktop port. PC start installing the process. and install the printer on computer automatically.

Q: How to connect canon mg3600 printer to computer?
Ans: Go to computer start button and click on the start icon. Click on “Devices and Printers”. Now add the printer on computer manually.

Q: How to connect canon mg3600 printer to mac?
Ans: On mac computer go to the “system and preferences” and click on the – minus icon and computer display the printers list. Now search for the printers and add canon mg 36200 printer on mac manual.