Setting up  connect canon ts3122 printer to WiFi or router. Hence, Wi-Fi setup can be setup on computers which are compatible with the printer. A fast and reliable wifi network connection must be available with wifi passwords and SSID. Canon printer ts3122 includes hybrid ink system that includes bright colors for printing text on documents and images. Find out other canon printer model on Connect canon mg3600 printer to WiFi , Connect canon ts3122 printer to WiFi, and connect canon mg2922 printer to wifi

Printer can be connected to wifi with the USB cable, wireless, and with WPS. One of the methods is through the WPS button and, the other is through wireless LAN setup. Before connecting your Canon printer to wifi, the following things must be kept in mind.

  • To check that canon printer has a WPS button and Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • The WIFI connection must be secured, protected with a strong password.

How to connect canon ts3122 printer to WiFi

When connect canon ts3122 printer to WiFi network using wireless setup connection. The wifi setup of the canon printer is completed. These steps should be applied when you do not have any wifi access enabled device. Then,  USB cable can be helpful to connect your printer to a computer.

How to connect your canon ts3122 printer to WiFi

  • Firstly, to turn on the printer.
  • Then, press the WPS button present on the printer for a few seconds and blue light will begin flashing.
  • Now it will get connected to an access point and the power light and wifi light on the printer will start flashing.
  • The printer will start searching for the wifi network to get connected.
  • After a few seconds, canon ts3122 printer will get connected to wifi successfully.
  • To check, print a test page or document.

How do I connect a canon ts3122 printer to WiFi

What to do when canon printer ts3122 not connecting to wifi. The setup of the canon printer is also necessary.
It helps the printer to function properly. The USB setup of the printer can be done by applying the below-provided steps.

How do i connect a canon ts3122 printer to WiFi

  1. Firstly, connect a USB cable to your printer and switch on the printer and the computer connected to the printer.
  2. Then, click on the control panel option on your computer.
  3. Click on the devices and printer option and click on add printer option.
  4. From the list, select your printer name and model.
  5. Then, set your printer as the default printer.
  6. Now, your canon printer will get added to your computer.

Canon printer ts3122 printer setup
Connecting a canon printer to a smartphone or iPhone requires a canon print app. In the app, the printer can
be added and direct wireless printing and scanning can be performed. The printed document can be scanned by
adding a scanner in the app. So, like this, wireless printing and scanning can be performed together. Sometimes errors can also occur while setting up a printer. To avoid these errors, the printer driver must be installed on the latest version. The wifi network should be working properly, and ink cartridges must have enough ink for printing several documents and images.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect canon ts3122 printer to iPhone?
Ans: Unlock the iPhone and go to the setting. Now, search for printer or go to the connection and wireless connection. Click to add the printer and iPhone search for printer model and add the printer.

Q: How to connect canon ts3122 printer to new wifi network?
Ans: Insert the Power plug on electrical socket and turn ON the printer. Next, click on the wifi icon and add the new wifi network on printer.