Mandatory steps to follow and connect canon ts5120 printer to wifi, computer, and mac. Plug in the printer and install the printer drivers and software. Simple ways to connect a network printer.

How to connect canon ts5120 printer to laptop

Take off the printer from the box. Keep all the packing material next until you know you will not need to return the printer. It has all the components for easy access. In addition to the printer, you will probably find ink cartridges or a toner cartridge, a power cord, and a CD with the printer software. Read the configuration instructions that come with the printer. Remove all tapes from the printer. Most printers are shipped with a blocked printing mechanism to prevent them from moving during shipment. Search ribbon, paper, or plastic of bright colors that indicate what you need to move or remove to release the printing mechanism. Place the printer within the length of your computer cable. Insert the ink cartridge or toner before turning on the printer for the first time. Place some paper in the drawer or paper tray. Connect the printer to the power supply. Plug the printer cable into the printer and on the computer.

How do i connect my canon ts5120 printer to wifi

The easiest thing is to install the printer with the installation CD. After connecting the printer and turning it on, you will have to install  software and connect printer to wifi. After everything is connected, insert the CD that comes with the printer. If the CD does not start automatically, it opens my PC, double-clicks on the CD drive, and then in the installation or installation file. Follow the installation wizard and, once finished, the software will be installed. Once the printer is completed, try to ensure it works.

You have 2 options to install the printer.

  • Install the printer with Windows 10 drivers
  • Download and install the printer manufacturer’s drivers

How to connect canon ts5120 printer to new wifi

The procedure is simple, although you must bear in mind that only the basic functionalities of the printer are installed for new wifi. Before you start Be sure to connect the printer with a USB cable and turn it on.

  • Go to Windows Start, at the bottom right of your screen.
  • In the vertical menu you select «Settings»
  • On the screen that appears, select “Devices-Bluetooth, printers, mouse«
  • Next screen, select «Printers and scans«add your printer.