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Connect HP Printer to WiFi
Steps To Connect HP Printer To Wi-Fi
How to connect HP Deskjet printer to Wi-Fi
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How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi network with wire and wireless network. In case of wire, use the USB cable. Make sure computer have right version of the printer drivers. Now first connect printer with power cable. Now insert the USB cable into the printer left side port on printer (in few printer) and connect with the router. Now connect printer and PC with the USB cable.

In case of wireless, Simply, go to the printer control panel and turn ON the printer. Now press and hold the wifi icon to search for available local or new network. Before, connecting printer make sure you have wifi router password and SSID information. Now touch the your wireless network and wifi ask for password. Enter the details and connect printer to wifi on wireless network.

Steps To Connect HP Printer To Wi-Fi?

hp printer won't connect to WiFi

Therefore, when HP printer won’t connect to WIFI, first setup printer on the computer and download the printer drivers  as per operating system. Next, install the software and allow to connect hp printer to wifi or wireless router.

connect your computer to a WIFI network

  • Then, install the correct printer drivers of the windows version and next, go to the settings section.
  • Under it, click on devices and printers and select printers and scanners option.

add new hp printer

  • Now, a list of WIFI networks will get displayed and choose your wifi network name and enter the password if required.
  • Enable wireless setup option.

How to connect HP Deskjet printer to Wi-Fi

How to connect HP Deskjet printer to Wi-Fi

Have a deskjet wireless printer and want to printer on wireless network. First connect printer
to wifi
and follow the given below steps:

  • Connect your printer with a USB cable and download, install the printer software.

Connect your printer with a USB cable

  • Switch on the HP Printer and through the touch screen, tap on the control panel option.
  • Under it, click on the network settings option and enable the wireless setup wizard mode.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network name and enter its correct password and click on the continue option.
  • Next, click the ok option and check if you are able to print, scan wirelessly.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I setup my Hp printer on android?
Ans: HP printer setup requires a stable wifi network and updated printer drivers. Connect your android smartphone to wifi. Next, to install the HP printers app. Then, to click on add printer option. Click on your printer name on the list. Confirm to add your hp printer to the android phone and the setup process will get completed.

Q: How to install HP printer to a computer?
Ans:: Install HP Printer to the computer. Click on the windows settings icon. Then , connect your computer to the wifi network. Install printer drivers. And then, to click on add printer option. Next, choose your HP printer name and model. In minutes, the HP printer gets added to a computer.

Q: Why is my hp printer not connecting to wifi?
Ans: Your HP printer is unable to connect to wifi. As the Wi-Fi router is not working properly. Ethernet and USB cables are not connected correctly. Lights of the router are blinking. So, reset the wifi router and connect cables, wires properly. Printer will connect to Wi-Fi.

Q: How to wirelessly setup a HP printer on mac?
Ans: On mac, install relevant printer drivers and other software. Connect your mac to wires and cables. Select printers and scanners. Click on add printers and scanners option and add your HP Printer to mac.

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