How to Connect my Kyocera printer to WiFi and print on wireless network. There is two way to setup printer on wifi network. 1. Connect on wireless network. 2. Connect with wired network. In that case, make sure printer is using appropriate “Software and Hardware” as per computer specifications.

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How do I connect my Kyocera printer to my wifi router

  • Turn on your Kyocera printer and next, press the control panel button.
  • Select the device settings option and click on network settings.
  • Enable wireless LAN option and tap on your wifi network name.
  • Printer connect to Wi-Fi automatically.

How to connect Kyocera printer to Wi-Fi

Connecting Kyocera printer to WiFi. Steps listed below to connect Kyocera printer on Android device wirelessly.

  • Switch on the printer and connect to the electric wire.
  • Turn on your android smartphone device and install Kyocera printer smart app.
  • Next, open the app and tap on add printer option.
  • List of available printers within the range will be displayed.
  • Click on printer name and model.
  • In a few seconds, the printer will get connected to your android smartphone device.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I connect my Kyocera printer to computer?
Ans: Turn ON the printer and computer and insert the USB cable one port into the printer and another into the Laptop. Now, Go to the computer start Button and type “printers”. Click to add the printer + icon and add new printer.

Q:Why won’t my Kyocera connect to WiFi?
Ans: Make sure you are connecting printer with the right wifi network and using the proper cable connecting. If wireless then make sure enter tthe right password of the wifi router.