Steps to connect Samsung printer to WiFi using computer and printer control panel. Consequently, check the printer wires, Ethernet, HDMI, USB cables. First, connect the printer with the wifi router using Ethernet Cable from on report in the printer and another cable jet in the router. Further, follow the steps and connect printer on wireless network.

How to connect Samsung printer to WiFi Network

Therefore, while setting up printer on wireless network make sure printer is using appropriate “Hardware”. Now, turn printer ON and click on the printer wifi icon button, Now, printer lights start blinking and printer search for available network. See at the printer control panel and click on your local printer networks. Enter the printer password and SSID info if ask for.

How to connect samsung printer to wifi network

  • First, turn ON printer and see at the printer control panel section.
  • Press WiFi button.
  • Click on the WiFi direct menu option and select your wifi network name from the list.
  • Enter the WiFi network password and connect printer to wifi.

Steps to setup wireless Samsung printer

Check the printer software and try to re-add printer on computer and connect to a wireless network.
samsung printer wireless setup

  1. Next, press the home button present on the printer.
  2. Select network settings and click on the wifi button.
  3. Enable wifi network and choose your wifi network name and enter password and SSID.

How to setup wireless Samsung printer mac

Therefore, steps is mentioned how to connect Samsung printer to WiFi on mac using software. Download and install the latest printer drivers and install Samsung printer on mac.

samsung printer wireless setup mac

  • First, turn on your Mac device and Next, connect it to wifi.
  • Select the Apple menu icon and click on the system and preferences option.
  • A window will appear, click on the printers and scanners option.
  • Choose your Samsung printer name and model.

Samsung printer will get connected to WiFi

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect Samsung printer to wireless WiFi?
Ans: Turn ON the printer and click on the wifi icon on the printer menu. Press and hold the wifi icon and wait for printer lights start blinking. Now, Printer start searching for the local network. Click on your local network and enter password and SSIDA info on printer screen.
Q: Why my Samsung Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi?
Ans: Make sure printer and computer using the latest version of “Software” on computer and check the printer and computer “Hardware” also.

  • Turn ON the printer and Computer.
  • Download the latest version of the printer from official website of the printer.
  • Type the printer model name in the website search box.
  • Download drivers and unzip the folder to install the printer softwares.
  • Click to install the software and restart the computer.