Want to connect the HP 2620 printer to WiFi. Then, add the network route, and in that case, it is a shared device, making it look like wireless or Bluetooth, or using a specific TCP/IP address. With everything mentioned, you will surely be able to install printers on windows 11 in the best way. In addition, windows11 itself opens up more and more possibilities to be able to optimize the process. Furthermore, Install printer drivers manually as per computer version. Thus, it offers the possibility of adding the network route. In that case, making it look like wireless or Bluetooth, or using a specific TCP/IP address.

To install these drivers by ourselves. Click on the device icon again as such, but opt for the “Printer properties” option. Then a new window will appear on the screen in place on the “Advanced options” tab, where you can find the “New driver” button. By clicking on this section and the “Next”, the possibilities in this regard. It is possible that, when acquiring the peripheral, the manufacturer of the drivers in the box “Use Disk”.

Otherwise, Windows looks for them on the Internet by itself and installs the correct ones, click on “Windows Update”. This will make the system look for the most updated drivers to install them and the peripheral can work normally.

Why HP Deskjet 2620 printer is not connecting to wifi

Hence, connect the HP 2620 printer to WiFi, new printer connected to the PC, installed, and configured to print. Now, simple tasks to make it much more comfortable, simple, and quick to start using it. The current printers that normally install in Windows 11, may be both for local and network jobs, are considerably more advanced. So, internally they bring with them a series of drivers and integrated software that is quite complex in some cases.

First thing is go back to the aforementioned Control Panel of the operating system. Thus, again, users have to access the “Hardware and Sound / Devices and Printers” section. Then the printers that have been installed and working at that time will appear on the screen. Choose those interests in this case. Thus, click the right mouse button on the printer model. At that moment an option called create direct access will appear, where click. Finish the process that concerns along these lines, only have to click on the Yes button so that this element is created automatically and connect printer to wifi easily.

How do I connect my hp 2620 printer to my wifi

Whenever you go to print a new document see a box where it will ask which printer you want to use to print it. But why does it seem the printer is not connected to the computer? It will always be marked by default and will not have to do anything else.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I connect my HP deskjet 2620 to a new wifi?
Ans: Setup HP deskjet 2620 printer to wifi with wired and wireless Ethernet connection. In case of USB Cable, turn on the printer, and insert one port into the wifi router, and another into the printer jet. Wait for printer light to search for the local network. Next, Enter the SSID, and password to connect the printer to wifi.
Q: How to connect hp deskjet 2620 to phone?
Ans: Download the HP Smart App on the mobile. First, connect printer and mobile with similar wifi. Now, Open the app and search for the local printer. Further, click to setup 2620 printer to phone.

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