When you Install or add canon printer on mac, it requires technical steps to follow. First, check the canon printer Hardware is working properly and connected to the device. Make sure the power cable is connected. Now setup canon printer on mac by downloading the latest version of the printer’s software. Go to the official website of the printer drivers as per operating system version. Trying to connect canon printer to Wi-Fi using mac OS. Make sure canon printer is add on OS and have latest version of software. Therefore, follow the steps given in the article and add canon printer on mac.


How to install canon printer on mac

When you can’t install canon printer to mac. Printer might using the  faulty or corrupt drivers. In that case, follow the technical steps given below and setup printer on MacBook air.

How to setup canon printer on mac

  • Firstly, switch on your canon printer and connect it to cable.
  • Next, press the control panel button and press the menu settings option.
  • Turn on your Mac device and connect it to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Download mac printer drivers on your mac device.
  • Go to the settings icon and under it, select device settings.
  • Then, click on add printer and preferences option and click on add option.

add printer and preferences in mac menu

  • Now, search for your printer name and model from the list.
  • Within a few minutes, the canon printer will get connected wirelessly to the device. 

How to install Mac to printer with USB

While adding or installing canon printer on MacBook need to check printer ip address,  Software and Hardware, printer paper jam, and so on. 

How to connect MacBook air to printer with USB

  • Download the required printer drivers and other software on mac devices.
  • To disconnect the USB cable from the mac device.
  • Click on the menu section option and under it select system and preferences settings.
  • Select the printer preferences option and click on your printer name and model.
  • Two options will appear to delete or add the printer and choose the add printer option.
  • In a few seconds, the printer will get connected to the mac without a USB cable. 

Download mac printer drivers

Therefore, Print on wireless printers using mac os. You can add canon printer on windows 11 also if you are using it.