If you trying to connect canon printer to wifi and printer not responding. Therefore, make sure desktop have installed the right version of printer drivers as per printer model. Go tot he printer software program in c-drive and check the status of software. Now download the latest version of the printer software as per computer specification and printer connect to wifi on new or old network.

Make  sure printer model features is wireless and desktop have the right drivers. If not have proper drivers. Check the printer drivers CD if available and install the softwares. Another way to download the latest printer drivers from the official website. Open your web browser and type canon printer drivers. Open the website and type your printer model in search bar. Now website displayed the results as per your printer model. Click to download the drivers as per requirements. Now go to the download section on computer and unzip the file. Open the unzip file and click on the .exe file and run the installation process. A windows will open on the desktop screen. Click to ok and follow the screen. Further, Accept the “terms and conditions” and install the drivers.

canon printer drivers

After the installation of the drivers, reboot the printer and computer. First, connect canon printer to wifi, Go to the printer button menu and press the wifi button. Printer start searching the available wireless network. Click on your local network on printer screen and enter password and SSID details.

Steps to connect canon printer to WiFi

Are you want to connect printer to wifi with USB cable. Insert the router cable on printer wifi port. Now turn ON the printer and go tot he desktop. Add printer on computer with USB cable and try to print using network.
Steps to connect canon printer to WiFi

  • Firstly, to switch on the printer and connect it to its power plug.
  • Next, press the control panel button and tap on wireless setup mode.
  • Select the LAN settings option and check wireless LAN settings on the printer, make some changes if required.

connect canon printer to network via lan

  • Automatically the printer will detect the WIFI network and get connected to it.

Why my Canon printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

When canon printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi, first check the operating system and add canon printer on windows 11 and configure the wireless printing options.

Canon printer won't connect to wifi

  • Connect your canon printer to its power cord and next, click the apple icon menu section.
  • Select the settings option and tap on network settings.
  • Click on the device settings and enable wireless setup option.
  • List of wifi networks available within the range will get displayed.

wifi networks available

  • Click on your wifi network name and enter its password.
  • Now, your canon printer will get connected to wifi successfully.

How to connect canon printer to new wifi

If you want to connect printer on new wifi router then must write wifi password and SSID number. SSID number is given behind the router. Further follow the steps given below in the article.

How to connect canon printer to new wifi

  • First, turn on the printer and Hold and press the wifi button.
  • A light will flash once and Next, to enable the wireless setup option.
  • Press the WPS button and the Wifi network list will get displayed.
  • Tap on your wifi network name and Enter the WPS pin code (wifi password or SSID).
  • Within a few minutes, the canon printer will get connected to the wifi network quickly.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I connect a Canon printer to a USB cable?
Ans: Connect your wireless canon printer to a USB cable. Firstly, insert the USB cable into the wireless router. Then, to power on your canon printer. Wait for a few seconds , as the printer is setting up itself. Lastly, insert USB cable into your canon printer.

Q: How to connect a wireless Canon printer to Wireless LAN?
Ans: Turn on your canon printer. Visit the printer settings section. Then, click on the wifi settings option. Next, insert the WLAN to the printer.. Wait for some time, the printer will connect to the WLAN.

Q: Why is my canon printer not connecting to WiFi?
Ans: The Canon printer is unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Due to various reasons. Printer drivers have
become outdated. Unstable WIFI connection. So, update your printer drivers and printer hardware to their latest version.

Q: How to connect a Canon printer to new WiFi?
Ans: Canon printers can connect to new wifi. Switch on your canon printer. Connect to its power cord.Then, press the wifi button. Available wifi network names will be displayed. Click on your new wifi network name. Enter its password. Within a few minutes the printer connects to new wifi.