Sometimes you may experience a printer not working Windows 10 or Windows cannot complete the print job after updating Windows / Driver update. And when you check Devices and Printers, the Windows printer status prompts you for the error that the driver is unavailable. On the Windows Pro version, it installed the printer and worked normally. But now After the latest upgrade versions of Windows 10 (version 1803), Windows can not complete the print job The printer does not work.

Install Epson Printer on Windows 10
Install Lexmark printer on windows 10

Why printer not working after windows update

Why is my printer not working? The printer driver is not available. First, uninstalled and reinstalled the printer trying to resolve the issue. Now installation results in printer being displayed in “Devices and Printers” with status ‘Driver not available. Printer driver not available error occurs especially if the printer driver is not updated if it is corrupted. Due to incompatibility between the printer driver and the Windows system. There are some pending Windows updates that are not yet installed on Windows. Whatever the reason here, you can apply to fix ‘Printer driver not available’ Error and return to printer working condition.

Note: The following solutions apply to all printer manufacturers (HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, etc.) Printer driver fixes that are not available in Windows.

Why is the printer not working on Windows 10

      • Before you apply any troubleshooting steps, first go through the basic steps, such as Restart the computer, the printer.
      • If you are using a network printer Check the status of the network and printer connection.
        Manually connect the printer to your network.
      • Temporarily disable the firewall, security software (Antivirus) on your computer.
      • Run the printer and hardware and device troubleshooting tool
      • After checking the basics, First, run the “Hardware and Device” troubleshooting tool first to see if there is a problem with the printer device that is causing the problem.
      • Run Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooting Tool to fix the problems that prevent the print job from completing.

How to fix Printer not working problem on computer

Type debug in the Start menu search bar and select it. Select and run the debugging tool to allow windows to check and resolve device and hardware issues. After completing the troubleshooting process, select the printer from the same window and run the troubleshooting tool. Follow the instructions on the screen to allow the troubleshooter to check and fix printing problems. After the troubleshooting is complete, restart the windows and check that the printer driver is resolved.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why is my printer not working after the Windows 10 update?
Ans: If the issue started after a recent Windows 10 update, go to Update and Security> Recovery> Advanced Startup> Restart Now> Troubleshooting. Select Return to previous version option. When done, does the process restart windows and plug in the printer to check it works? Otherwise, it’s time to contact the printer manufacturer for assistance.

Q: What to Do When Your Printer Won’t Print on computer?
Ans:  If there are some Windows updates waiting to be installed. The new features with the latest updates can take full advantage of the Windows 10 printer driver. Go to Start> Settings> Update and Security. Under Windows Update, click Check for updates. Soon after, Windows 10 will automatically install new updates for you if there are any available on your computer.