Connect your computer to the internet and install a Ricoh printer on Windows 10. There are two ways to download Ricoh softwares one way is with CD and without CD. Now turn ON the computer and connect with the wired or wireless network. In case of windows 10 connect to your local WIFI network automatically. If using other or new Wi-Fi, now click on the wifi name and enter the password and connect on the computer. Also read on How to connect Ricoh Printer to WiFi easily.

install Ricoh softwares with CD

How to install Ricoh printer driver in windows 10

  • Click on the windows start menu button.
  • “Printers and Scanners” type in the search box.
  • Launch the wizard and click on the add printer.
  • Turn ON the printer and computer.

install ricoh windows version printer drivers

  • Go to the ricoh printer official website and type your Ricoh printer model in and search for software.
  • Click to download the softwares as per printer model and Windows 10 specification.

install ricoh printer drivers

  • Now open the downloaded folder and click on the setup file .exe and run on the computer.
  • Follow the screen and accept the terms and conditions on screen.
  • Once software is installed reboot the desktop and add the printer.

Steps to Install Ricoh printer on windows 10

Steps to Install Ricoh printer on windows 10

  • Insert the printer CD into computer’s CD drive.
  • Open a File or CD- Drive on the computer.
  • Go to the software in the CD folder and click to run the softwares.
  • Follow the screen and install the ricoh  drivers on windows 10 with the help of CD.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why ricoh driver utility windows 10 not working?
Ans: If your printer utility is not working then might be error due to the version of utility. You can re-install the utility software on windows 10 again from the official website of ricoh.
Q: How to install ricoh network printer on windows 10?
Ans: Turn ON the both devices printers and computer.